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Jaws of the Lion Organizer/Gameplay Tray

I love the new expansion for Gloomhaven (Jaws of the Lion), but it is a really complex game with tons of components that can take a long time to unpack/repack before/after each game. I made this organizer/gameplay tray to keep everything organized and minimize set up time!

Everything fits in the box, but it does raise the lid by about 2-4 mm.

I have only stored this box horizontally, so I don’t know if the pieces will shift out of their trays if you store it vertically, but if you store it tightly, then everything should stay in place.

Note: the wedge and clip are for the enemy trays (print 2 of these, btw). The clip keeps the 2 halves of the enemy tray together, while the wedge makes it slightly more easy to get monster cards out of the tray.


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