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Gloomhaven: Jaws Of The Lion Mini Organizer

This is a mini organizer for Gloomhaven: Jaws Of The Lion. It works with the included insert to organize all of the monster tokens and cards as using the little resealable bags I found didn’t really work so well.

Things are very tight in that space, so the orientation and organization in the tray is not super logical – it’s based on the physical size of things.

The cards have optional dividers, which can be printed in 2 colors if desired (see the photos) to break everything up and allow quick access to the correct cards, but this is also a tight fit. Each of the dividers also has a mini locator on the front to point you to where the associated monster tokens are in the organizer.

I have included a number of photos to show how I have packed everything away so the box will close with no lift. This includes removing the character minis from their boxes (inspired by this video ).

The source code to generate this is available here: https://github.com/sillyfrog/Gloomhaven-Jaws-Of-The-Lion-Organizer (it’s horrible code, but maybe handy if you need to make a quick mod).

Update 2020-09-27

I have added in a couple of small condition token organizers for those that like to keep things super sorted – like us 🙂
This just fits into the tokens tray as shown, and has slots for all of the condition tokens. The source files will be uploaded shortly as well to github.

Update 2020-10-01

Hit Point tokens now have their own holders that fit in the original tray. Source files also on GitHub.

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