Spray Can Handle to end them all

I’ve designed a collar that tightens around the top of the spray can using a zip tie or M4 nut and bolt, this mounting system coupled with an internal groove allows the handle to be perfectly secured to the spray can, without the risk of slipping and also makes the model really durable. To increase the durability further, the trigger is to be printed horizontally, and attaches to the handle with a M5x15mm bolt that acts as a pivot and a M5 nut.  (...)  Mehr ...

Switch Portrait / Vertical / Flip Grip with locking mechanism

I like how Ace_D remixed the Switch portrait holder with the comfortable grip. However after printing his design I found several issues. The right handle is largely separate from the center piece. The console fit is very tight. There is no bottom hold the console safely, only friction. The vent position is off. The back air intakes are blocked. The Joycons are not easily removed because the release button is largely blocked. So I decided to take things into my own hands and remix this remix. (...)  Mehr ...

1/4″ Photo camera tripod to 5/8″ microphone stand adapter

I wanted to put a shotgun mic on a small Manfrotto desktop tripod but could not find a suitable adapter, so I designed one. This works for me, as in: holes and threads are scaled so they printed well with my printer. Play with the scaling function of your slicer if you experience problems.It may fit for you or it may not. Feel free to contact me if it doesn’t (...)  Mehr ...

Ball Clock 3D printed

3D printed ball clock

The clock is based on a design from the ’70s by Harley Mayenschein, using marbles on three different rails to give a readout and to track time.
Although my design is more optimized to be smaller and uses an original lifting system using a bar mechanism.
It is quite accurate, it has an error of 6 seconds in 24 hours
In the following video the operation and assembly of the clock is explained:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=r… (...)  Mehr ...

Fritz!Fon MT-F additional holder for the charging station

Somewhere I’ve heard that batteries don’t like it when they are constantly charged at 100%.
Therefore, we have always only placed our four Fritz!Fons on the charging station when the battery is down to at least 50%.
As a result, the phones are mostly located somewhere – usually far away from the charging station at a random location. (...)  Mehr ...

Cat guard

it’s a model that I saw on facebook, I didn’t find any on thingivers so I copied it (not great)

update 13/01/2021 i resize the file

Some people wanted to make a PayPal tip for me but I couldn’t enter it in thinsgivers so I post a link here: paypal.me/fossion?locale…. (...)  Mehr ...