Arduino controlled photogrammetry 3D-scanner

This turntable is a new and improved version of my hand cranked version (Can be found here:…). A lot of people suggested to me I should put a stepper motor onto it to get some very nice cinematic shots. This is exactly what I did.

I gave it a bit more functionality than just a regular cinematic turntable. I added the possibility to use the turntable as a rig to capture photos 360 degrees around an object.

The photos are being taken by a smartphone connected to a Bluetooth remote located inside the turntable. I just used the most straight forward, obvious and simple solution to capture these photos, which was to use a servo to press a button on a Bluetooth remote. I went for this solution due to the fact that Apple products tend to not like the HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth modules and refuse to connect to them. I’m sure a cleaner and more durable solution is to use these HC-05 or HC-06 modules and connect them to an android device. (...)  Mehr ...

Smartphone tripod

Support smartphone, tablettes.…
smartphone Samsung S7, S8 , Note 8 , tablette 7″ et 10 “
Iphone tous types
Autres marques également.
Pour les grands modèles kit de rallonge.
Style robot, amusant à monter.

Smartphone support, tablets.
Samsung S7 smartphone, S8, Note 8, 7 “and 10” tablet
Iphone all types
Other brands also.
Robot style, fun to ride.
For larger models extension kit.

3 x patin
3 x axe de patin
3 x troisième jambe
6 x écrou B
3 x vis de serrage C
3 x deuxième jambe MOD
3 x vis de serrage B
3 x première jambe MOD
4 x écrou A
3 x vis de serrage A
3 x pignon de jambe
1 x moyeu central
1 x pignon entrainement
1 x support pivotant B
1 x support pivotant A
1 x rondelle 20
1 x clip gros axe central
1 x vis de serrage D
1 x clé
1 x support smartphone A
1 x support smartphone B
1 x rondelle 10
2 x axe glissière support
1 x goupille
1 x écrou M8
1 x clips vis M8
1 x vis de fixation M8
1 x rondelle 2 (...)  Mehr ...

Cyberdyne Systems T-800 CPU Core with Acrylic Container

This Thing is a modified remix of

  • Cyberdyne Systems – T800 CPU USB Drive by alpokemon
  • Terminator T800 CPU / Chip Base / Container by SmashD

What I did is

  • Created CNC milling scripts for the USB flash drive (you also can print alpokemon’s model on your 3D printer)
  • Modified SmashD’s base to match the USB Stick variant
  • Mixed up SmashD’s base with the top cap into a combined new version (for me, it looks much better now)
  • Modified the M3 holes in the top cap to support M3x10 screws
  •  (...)  Mehr ...

    Labyrinth Gift Box

    Time for Christmas, time for a less boring package for the cash my nephews will get. Last year it took them all of 5 seconds to get at their cash, hopefully this one will take them a little bit longer. There’s only one correct path and I tried to make it so that it’s easy to slide past the correct exits, time will tell if it’s effective.

    As always, please post pictures if you decide to make one. I’ve spent more hours than I care to count on this one so it’s the least you can do dammit 😉  (...)  Mehr ...

    Chainmail – 3D Printable Fabric

    I would love to keep sharing my projects with all of you. If you enjoy with my designs, I invite you to become a patron, you will get early access to my designs and exclusive content! Also, you can help with a small donation.


    3D Printable chainmail.

    The chainmail size is 195x195mm. A 60x60mm sample is available to test and find the right settings before printing the big chainmail. Print the model with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0% infill. (...)  Mehr ...

    BD-1 (Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order)

    This is BD-1 the buddy droid from the upcoming star wars game Jedi – Fallen Order as seen at EA-Play. Since there are only few references available the dimensions and some details are estimated. Headlength: ~30cm; Height: ~540cm

    Happy Printing 🙂

    11.06.19: I uploaded a assembled version for better scaling and included the original fusion360 file so you can change and remix it as much as you want. It would be very cool to see an animated version of that little buddy, but i have no experiences in robots and electronics :/ (...)  Mehr ...