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Yet Another Dice Tower Tray

I realize now that I wasn’t very clear about which dice tower I was designing for, considering I marked both Lau85’s and BouncyMonkey’s towers as ‚remixed from.‘ To clarify, my original design was for BouncyMonkey’s ‚Yet Another Dice Tower.‘ I’ve since added a design that will fit Lau85’s ‚Another Dice Tower.‘


  • If you have BouncyMonkey’s ‚Yet Another Dice Tower,‘ print yadt-tray.stl
  • if you have Lau85’s ‚Another Dice Tower,‘ print adt-tray.stl

Sorry for the slight confusion!

I wanted a tray to catch the dice as they came out of BouncyMonkey’s Yet Another Dice Tower and loved the style of Tray_v2 from Lau85’s Another dice tower, so I created a new tray merging the styles of both. The tolerances might be a tight between the base of the tower and the tray, but some light sanding will fix that.

Edit 7/1
Added a new version to fit the original ‚Another dice tower‘ by Lau85. I haven’t tested this for fit. Let me know in the comments if it works.

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