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Russian Doll Random Maze Puzzle Gift Box (Updated Xmas 2018)

[Note for those saying „do you have the old version“, or „tolerances are crap“. Follow the link below and you can make pretty much any version and adjust tolerances as much as you like.]

This is a multiple level maze puzzle box. i.e. you solve one puzzle, and find there is another, and maybe another, before you finally get to the middle and the prize.

Customise: https://www.me.uk/puzzlebox

Multiple parts often print better (and faster overall) if printed separately rather than all together, and you can change colours for each, which is a nice touch. No support needed.

Ideal for birthday/Christmas presents like cash or lottery tickets – or even a ring!

Examples here include a lottery ticket gift box, a box for pound coins, some useful boxes (e.g. for a ring, etc), and a number of test boxes to check the clearance works on your printer. Use the link above to make a random maze with your choice of settings (of which there are many).

If you like this, do click like even if downloading from www.me.uk

The example files here have been updated from time to time – see version.stl for date/time.

New Version (Christmas 2018)

The new version adds: maze inside and alternating version; text on end and side of box; helical mazes; grip on the base to make is easy to use; cleaner model with much faster render in OpenSCAD; many more controls; and, a simple web form to create mazes.

You can create a new, random, and customised Open SCAD file from https://www.me.uk/puzzlebox
Or make it yourself – the C code is in github https://github.com/revk/PuzzleBox

The possibilities are endless! Credit to my son, James, for the idea of taking my maze boxes one step further for multiple levels – well done.

P.S. Yes, there is one small loop near the end of the maze just for fun.

[Note, licence is creative commons ATTRIBUTION. A commercial licence is available if not using CCA, at £10 per print sold. If you are not attributing you are either breaking the law by using without a licence and so costing me the £10 I would get, or are agreeing to the commercial licence. Either way you owe me £10 a print, plus legal costs if I choose to sue you to get it. So ATTRIBUTE any usage of this model.]

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