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GEMINUS Dual Filter Face Mask V2 for Coronavirus/COVID-19

Face mask to protect against air born viruses like coronavirus. Mask is not a one-size-fits-all. You may need to print at different scales to see which one works best.

Inspired by face mask from https://longliveyoursmile.com/3d-printable-mask-for-covid-19/

-Easy to clean design (no threads or complex parts)
-Comfortable fit (smoother, thicker contours and edges)
-Dual filters (use N95 particle sheets or round cotton pads)
-Moisture trapper (reduce moisture buildup at chin)
-Easy to breathe (Up to 300 cc of volume)

Scale to size for:
-Small – 95%
-Medium – 100%
-Large – 105%

1) Print with front of mask facing down on build plate with no supports.
Please see picture above.
2) Sand down any rough edges with 220 grit sandpaper.
3) Attach 1/4″ flat elastic bands to the mask.
See picture above for an example on how to attach.
4) Press fit filter sheets using an inner ring for each vent.

1) Use a hair dryer to heat up edges and contour to your face.
2) Initial your masks in case you have more than one in the family.

Printing time: 3-6 hours depending on size

Disclaimer: This is not a replacement for proper N95 masks. If you can get your hands on N95 masks, please do so and use those. If you cannot, then having this is better than none.

Please comment on your fitment and any issues you had. Thank you.

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