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Customizable Filament Swatch (Filament test)

You need filament swatches for testing different colors and makes? You want to know the colors you have on spool at the moment?

Here are customizable filament swatches / tests, where you can change all the text using the thingiverse customizer (Press the button „Open in customizer“ above). This way you don’t have to print and stick any labels anymore.

You can customize:

  • 3 lines of text (for make/type/color/printer settings for the material): upper, lower left, lower right
  • By default, all kinds of test patterns are included in the swatch. This way you can easily see how well the filament printed. You can select how many round test pattern are included. You can check overhangs, bridging, pyramids, roundness, etc.
  • There is a fourth text on the top side to indicate the material type quickly when the swatches are in their box. You can set this text using a drop-down box or a free text field, as requested by Sembazuru.
  • Thickness progression of the ‚layers‘, defined as an array of numbers
  • New: Wether the thickness steps numbers have include leading zeroes, trailing zeroes or nothing, as requested by sparkyman215 and Sembazuru
  • Font, font size (font size can be set for the main text and the steps separately. Setting a font size to 0 removes the text), text line distance, wether the text is raised or embossed
  • Size of the swatch
  • Hole diameter, grooves, etc
  • Wether to rotate the text on the steps, as requested by IllyStorm
  • As default, „Pathway Gothic One“ font is selected for better readability. You can also check the V5 .stl files as font samples. The first line on each swatch is the fonts name. You can check if the text is still well readable after slicing these swatches all at once.

If you print a swatch, please share a picture using the „post a make“ button.
This way we can collect here filament print quality via pictures…

If you like it, please have a look at all my customizable creations. There are configurable-text-based creations, multi-line label, gadget display stand, sweeping name plate, bunting banner, customizable text box III, pyramid text, name plate, Customizable text box with lid and round text. Have also a look at my configurable pack of dogs, rabbits, reindeers and santas. There are also useful coat hangers and finger toys.
Just have a look at all my customizable creations.


As they are, the swatches fit into the configurable box from Jaxel. You can see the box in the 2nd picture. The box shown is also added here as .STL. Thanks a lot for the design!

Insipration came from different swatch cards here on thingiverse, all attached in the „remixed from“ section, and they seem to all go back to the design from venegade. Thanks go out to all of the designers for the idea and the subsequent iterations!

Thanks go out to teruteru314 for supplying the same model as solidworks file (.sldprt) which is now also included here.
There are some bug fixes in version „S“, thanks to Lyl3t for the review.


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