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Another dice tower

Here’s my take on a dice tower. I really liked the look of all those medieval towers, but also wanted to be able to watch the dice going down. So I designed my own.

This design uses a piece from a plastic soda bottle for the outer wall, diameter 87mm – length 170mm with a straight wall. I used a Dr.Pepper 1,5L bottle. To get the opening for the door, you can place the bottle on the base, then trace along the inside of the door using a pen or pencil. Then cut away the opening.

Note: If you have a bottle with a slightly different diameter, you can scale all the parts by X=d/87, with d diameter in mm. The required length, in mm, would be 170*X. For the 1,5L SmartWater bottle, that’s commonly found in the US, X would be 103.5%.

The little knight is something i liked for decoration in the window behind the entrance. It was sliced and scaled from the model by bs3 (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1239427). But it’s optional, you can leave it out or paint or put something else in there to personalise the tower. The measures of the window are width x height x depth:26x45x7mm.

As for printing, I gave all the parts steep angles, so I was hoping they would print without much support, but they still need some, particularly the staircase. It’s all easily removed though, I had no problem cleaning the parts.

Update: new Spiral.stl. The mesh is a lot cleaner now.

Update 21-11-2018: New Top_v2.stl. There where a lot of comments the outer rim came off after printing due to the small contacts in the brickwork. I’ve increased the wall thickness a bit and hope it’s resolved now. Please inform me if it’s still an issue. Also added a step to cover the alignment hole and improved the paving a bit as well.

Update 4-12-2018: Finally found the time to add a matching tray. It will fit on the tower without modification and can be nested for easy transportation. It should print without support if your printer can do some small bridges, but with will probably be safer. (I didn’t design the floral decals at the front of the pillars, they came from Bruxxus –https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2168783– scaled to 12mm)
The file turned out quite big though, so I added another tray that’s more basic. It will fit on the tower just the same though.

Update 10-5-2019: New Tray_v2. There were comments on difficulties with printing the bannisters, so I’ve increased their thickness and hopefully that will make it better. Also included versions for low resolution and high resolution (small or big file).

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