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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm) charging dock

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm) and I wanted a charging doc for it. I printed JSC’s Apple Watch Charging Dock for a friend a while ago and really liked it.

He was kind enough to post the Fusion 360 file so I modified it for my watch.

I included the STEP and modified f3d file too.

Slight update: I made the USB connector channel a bit wider as it was a bit tight and I had to file it down after printing.

Yet Another update: I made a V3. Wider USB channel, higher USB cable path, and a curved rest for the watch. I left V2 here too with the STEP and f3d file for both versions. (Yellow PLA is V2, Black PETG is V3)

Now a V4 for people with Brass inserts. I didn’t like the USB cable coming loose and I had spare inserts and countersunk M4 screws. STEP and f3d file attached.

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