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Switch Portrait / Vertical / Flip Grip with locking mechanism

I like how Ace_D remixed the Switch portrait holder with the comfortable grip. However after printing his design I found several issues. The right handle is largely separate from the center piece. The console fit is very tight. There is no bottom hold the console safely, only friction. The vent position is off. The back air intakes are blocked. The Joycons are not easily removed because the release button is largely blocked. So I decided to take things into my own hands and remix this remix.

Below are my design highlights:

The right handle is now solidly connected to the center piece.

The console holder now has a bottom to hold it safely.

The console holder now has a locking mechanism to keep the Switch in place

I have loosen the fit so your Switch won’t get scratched. Friction is no longer important thanks to the new bottom and lock.

I have filled the inaccurate vent holes and cut a perfect outlet for the vent and back air intakes. (Put Switch in power button up)

I have cut out part of the grips so the release button is more accessible.

I have lowered the center piece so the grip stands more stably now. Still I wouldn’t recommend letting it stand longer than than temporarily.

I would say the grip is quite nearly perfect. Enjoy your favorite portrait games! Raiden, 194x, pinball, Ikaruga, you name it!

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