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Ball Clock 3D printed

3D printed ball clock

The clock is based on a design from the ’70s by Harley Mayenschein, using marbles on three different rails to give a readout and to track time.
Although my design is more optimized to be smaller and uses an original lifting system using a bar mechanism.
It is quite accurate, it has an error of 6 seconds in 24 hours
In the following video the operation and assembly of the clock is explained:

16mm diameter steel balls – 30 units
Bearing Ø5x10x4 – 6 units
Calibrated round Ø5×50 – 3 units
Calibrated round Ø4×25 – 1 units
Calibrated round Ø6×250 – counter dams
set screw M3x6 – 2 units
Allen screw M3x16 – 15 units
Allen screw M3x8 – 15 units
Allen screw M3x20 – 2 units
Allen screw M2.5×12 – 8 units
Allen screw M2x6 – 2 units
Allen screw M4x12 – 3 units
Allen screw M4x10 – 4 units
Allen screw M4x8 – 1 units
Pin 5×16 – 16 units
Countersunk head screw M3x16 – 7 units
Nut M2 – 2 units
Nut M3 – 20 units
Nut M4 – 3 units
300x150x6.5mm wooden board
Motor Nema 17 1.7A – 1 unit
Driver DRV8825 – 1 unit
Arduino pro mini – 1 unit
Charging port – 1 unit

Upgrade 8-3-2021: The electronic schematic and the arduino program are added

Update 19-3-2021: part73b is added with the text of the hours in English „HOURS“

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