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Desert’s Kiss – Diorama Dice Tower

Hi everyone!

This was an idea we had for the Mythic Mugs Graveyard Collection, but wasn’t able to squeeze in at the time.

It’s a detailed dice tower that can serve as a decorative diorama on its own.

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Happy printing! 🙂

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Change log:

Added the spider separately in two different versions. These do require supports, if you decide to print them:
Spider_Separate has an indent and will fit on top of the skull.
Spider_Separate_Full is the full version of the spider (for decoration or as a mini)

Version 1.2.5: Minor update. Strengthened the two lower front teeth a little and increased the area of the front left spider leg just a little to give it some more strength.

Version 1.2: Added teeth to the lower jaw due to popular demand! Both for aesthetics and to help catching dice coming out. Adjusted the inside slope a little more to try and slow down the dice. The spider’s front left leg has been more firmly secured to the skull to prevent it from breaking.

Version 1.1: Adjusted the slope inside the skull to make it less steep, as dice sometimes would come out too fast. This change should help but needs to be tested!

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