Duck Headphone Hanger

Made this for my sis to hang her headphones. A lot of hangers on thingiverse are great and waste less filament, but I wanted to make her something special.
Printed at 0.12, 10% infill. No supports, most printers should handle the bridging on the notches for the screws, and I left room for some sagging.
Holds my big MDR-Z7s no problem, you could scale down if you have smaller cans. You can fix it to the wall with one or two screws, nails or some heavy duty double sided tape. (...)  Mehr ...

Little Pumpkins

Nine different little low poly pumpkins ready to be printed for Halloween. Included are: Chompy, Slurpy, Crushy, Piercy, Slicey, Crunchy, Munchy, Smoochy and Squashy

They print quick without any support. (...)  Mehr ...