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Fanatec Wheel Stand with QR2 Quick Release Mount (2023 QR2)

Due to Rewbin asking over at my Fanatec QR Wheel Stand in the comments … I quickly edited that one to work for the new 2023 QR2 quick release mechanism (probably, please confirm). Tried to maintain the original dimensions/positions to make it still fit in one piece on the build plate.

So please note: this is untested as I do not own a QR2 wheel and base.

As this is a functional part and the wheel can be heavy, take this into account when choosing your filament, number of perimeters and infill percentage.

Mine from almost 4 years ago (obviously QR1, not QR2) is still fine using PLA with 3 perimeters and 20% infill though, but your mileage may vary.

Thanks very much to Thrilex for providing a model of the mount stub.

Please note: this is the QR2 version (bars)!
Get the QR1 version here …

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