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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Charging Stand Cradle

Since the new charging puck not only features USB-C instead of USB A plug, 10W instead of 5W (if connected to a PD capable USB-C charger) but also a smaller footprint / diameter, I had the choice to stuff some sort of thick glue tape inbetween or fill it up otherwise or to design a new stand (or base it off an existing one – which I did: thanks Stefan042 and JSC, https://cults3d.com/de/modell-3d/gadget/samsung-galaxy-watch4-charging-dock) …

Well, introduction aside, this is new:

  • adjusted to fit the Watch5 Pro
  • not multi-part anymore
  • cable tunnel in the bottom
  • more polygonal shape
  • click-in puck design (depends heavily on your printer/print settings/filament though), hot glue worked fine with the Watch4 stand btw, any type of even extra strong double sided tape did not…

The „edgy“ design is more polygonal, basically I tried to create a smaller print but also to prevent my Cura 5.1 slicer to place the z seam in the front due to the rounded back.
In hindsight I should have tried to modify the Fusion file, instead I cobbled it up in 3D builder. Meh 😉

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  1. KingPrints

    Nice! Thanks! 👍🏻

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