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EBL Smart USB Charger Platform Battery Holder AA/AAA

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I am using a simple USB charger to charge Eneloop AA batteries near my computer, so I wanted a simple holder of some sort to prevent them from rolling around.

This base clips in place and gives storage for two AA behind the charger.
Going from there I have mashed up several versions:

  • 2 AA behind
  • 4 AA on the right side
  • 4 AA on the left side
  • 4 AA on the left and right side: 8 AA in total
  • 4 AA/AAA on the left and right side: 8 AA/AAA in total

Sure thing, Eneloops aren’t the cheapest, but I’ve got several years old ones in my rotation (don’t know exactly, but about 40 to 50 in AA/AAA?!) and ALL OF THEM are still perfectly fine!

As an alternative I can say Powerowl batteries have impressed me lately. For their very compelling price point they are delivering fantastically! They are low self-discharge as well. Measuring the AA and AAA variants over 5 cycles gave lower numbers than advertised but still higher than the Eneloop.

Amazon links* of equipment I am powering by AA/AAA:
EBL Smart USB Charger AA/AAA (<10€)
16x AAA Powerowl low self discharge 1000 mAh (measured at ~900)
16x AA Powerowl low self discharge 2800 mAh (measured at ~2200)
8x AA Eneloop
8x AAA Eneloop
Asus Republic of Gamers Strix Carry Mouse
Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller Phantom Black

*The used links are so-called affiliate ones. When you buy a product using this link, I will receive a small provision. The price itself does not change. Thanks so much for your support 🙂

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