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Playseat Challenge Nobsound G2 Amp Frame Mount

I’ve used the Nobsound G2 100 Watt Mono Amplifier to drive 2 bodyshakers using the pre-out subwoofer channel my receiver provides, so I’ve made a mount for it as well.

Note: The whole frame was made from dimensions found in the Amazon listing, so it’s close but not exactly fitting. I have added rubber mat/pads between the mount and the amp, which was planned to do anyway. The whole chair vibrates (duh!) so you want the amp not rattling around obviously.

Nobsound G2 100W Mono Ampflifier on Amazon:

*The used link is a so-called affiliate one. When you buy the product using this link, I will receive a small provision. The price itself does not change. Thanks for your support 🙂

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