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Liked on YouTube: The $450 „Mac mini‘ You Wish Apple Sold

The $800 Apple Mac mini is a bit underwhelming, but this hackintosh isn’t!
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Parts list:
i5 Intel NUC (NUC8i5BEK) – http://geni.us/Sqbfyp
Upgrade to i7 Intel NUC (NUC8i7BEH) – http://geni.us/8ybh
G.Skill 8GB DDR4 RAM PC4-19200 – http://geni.us/KN2q
MyDigitialSSD 256GB NVMe SSD – http://geni.us/nXpBOvw
Upgrade to Samsung 970 Evo – http://geni.us/zZdZCDr
BenQ 4K HDR FreeSync Monitor – http://geni.us/D3b9d0F
Das 4 Ultimate Keyboard – http://geni.us/HbOIALU
Contour UniMouse Wireless – http://geni.us/8vHmEtG

Install guide – https://ift.tt/2CfAOzW
Github Patch Project – https://ift.tt/2LgGJrg

Here at Snazzy Labs, we found the Apple Mac Mini 2018 pretty disappointing. The CPU had poor thermal paste application, experienced thermal throttling, and was pretty bad value with just 128GB of storage. For less than $500, we built a hackintosh using an 8th gen Intel NUC. It’s smaller, faster, cooler, and cheaper than the Mac mini and it runs macOS Mojave like a champ. What more could you ask for?

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via YouTube The $450 „Mac mini‘ You Wish Apple Sold

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