Next Car Game (Wreckfest) XMAS 2018 Bugbear Gift Mod

Holiday Greetings!
Ho-ho-ho Wreckers,

As you know, it’s that time of the year again that the magical white powdery stuff covers everything and Santa comes tumbling down the chimney (in selected parts of the world, you know). Since it also pretty much means we’re merely a stone throw away from the end of the year, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to fill you in with the recent developments here at the Bugbear HQ, and who knows, maybe we even have a small gift for you, so please read on! (…) (...)  Mehr ...

Liked on YouTube: The $450 “Mac mini’ You Wish Apple Sold

The $800 Apple Mac mini is a bit underwhelming, but this hackintosh isn’t!
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Parts list:
i5 Intel NUC (NUC8i5BEK) –
Upgrade to i7 Intel NUC (NUC8i7BEH) –
G.Skill 8GB DDR4 RAM PC4-19200 –
MyDigitialSSD 256GB NVMe SSD –
Upgrade to Samsung 970 Evo –
BenQ 4K HDR FreeSync Monitor –
Das 4 Ultimate Keyboard –
Contour UniMouse Wireless – (...)  Mehr ...

Liked on YouTube: Is Apple’s Cheapest Mac Any Good?

Is the $799 2018 Mac mini any good? Not really…
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Mac mini has been the golden child of Apple’s lineup. As Apple’s budget machine, it has typically contained similar (if not the same) CPUs as Apple’s more premium iMac lineup—just without a display, mouse, and keyboard. But despite smashing success from 2006-2012, Apple seemed to have forgotten about Mac mini. Until now. Was the wait worth it? And was the $300 price increase justified? Snazzy Labs’ host, Quinn Nelson, breaks it down. (...)  Mehr ...

Just Cause 4 (english) PS4Pro

Rico! Was ich mich freu’, neuer Teil, neue Engine, läuft sehr viel angenehmer als der dritte Teil. Viel hab ich noch nicht gesehen, aber was ich gesehen habe: gefällt!

Willkommen in Solís, einer riesigen südamerikanischen Welt voller Konflikte, Unterdrückung und extremer Wetterbedingungen. In Just Cause 4 kommt Rico Rodriguez nach Solís, um die Wahrheit über seine Vergangenheit zu erfahren – um jeden Preis. Schnallen Sie sich Ihren Wingsuit um, schnappen Sie sich Ihren vielseitig einsetzbaren Enterhaken und lassen Sie es krachen! (...)  Mehr ...