Liked on YouTube: Let’s Play: Bar Billiards

Bar billiards is a little-known British pub game. And in the tradition of video game “let’s plays” — only in the real world — I got some folks together for a match.

THE RULES: Pot the balls in the holes. Each hole’s worth some points. Red ball’s worth double. Don’t knock over the pegs. And you only score those points when you play a legal shot that doesn’t pot anything. Don’t worry, you’ll work it out soon enough.

MATT: – @standupmaths
IZZY: @izkirk
JIM: – @jamesgrime
TOM: – @tomscott

MATT GRAY on camera: – @unnamedculprit
MICHELLE MARTIN editing: – @mrsmmartin

THE PEMBURY TAVERN in Hackney. (They accept Bitcoin.)

via YouTube Let’s Play: Bar Billiards

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