Liked on YouTube: The Best Mac Apple Isn’t Making…

The new Apple Mac Pro is great, but the Mac mini and iMac don’t fill in all the gaps.
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Apple announced the new 2019 Mac Pro to much fanfare. Finally, a modular Mac that permits for user-upgradability thanks to socketed CPU and RAM, removable storage, and the ability to use off-the-shelf GPUs supported my macOS Catalina. But at $6,000, there are a lot of professionals that feel underserved by the base-model Mac Pro but find themselves needing more than what the iMac offers. There are also those who need the power of Mac Pro but want a less expensive version of the ProDisplay XDR. You know, one that doesn’t have a $1,000 stand. The current options on the market just don’t hold a candle to Apple’s 5K/6K displays. In this video, we talk about the perfect computer for a lot of people that Apple should make: the Mac Pro mini.

via YouTube The Best Mac Apple Isn’t Making…

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