Liked on YouTube: Marvel’s Spider-man Glitches – Son of a Glitch – Episode 83

In this episode we check out some of the amazing and hilarious glitches and bugs in Insomniac’s fantastic Marvel’s Spider-man on the PS4. A lot of these may have been patched out in 1.0.5, but you can always revert back to patch 1.0.0 so that’s something.

Glitches –
1. NPC’s Climb Buildings – 0:28
2. Enemy Glitches – 1:26
3. Car Glitches – 2:19
4. Low Poly People Glitch – 3:34
5. Skewed Spider Glitch – 4:42
6. Spider-man Can Fly Glitch – 5:28
7. Peter Parker Selfie Glitch – 5:50
8. Cutscene Glitches – 6:09
9: Roll on Water Glitch – 7:53
10: Huge New York Out of Bounds Glitch – 8:33

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via YouTube Marvel’s Spider-man Glitches – Son of a Glitch – Episode 83

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