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Liked on YouTube: Dangerous 240V Coffee-Cutor (coffee cup electrode boiler.)

Oh yeah! I didn’t think I’d find one of these on eBay, but here it is… A mains voltage electrode boiler for making coffee or tea by passing mains current directly through the water in your cup to heat it.
But isn’t that dangerous? Well HELL YEAH!
I’m not providing a link to the ebay listing for this item. It’s really not the sort of item you want to have lying around where someone of low technical skillz can find it, since it’s just a total death-trap in the wrong hands.
If you’re technically inclined and live on your own then maybe you could consider one as a novelty. If that’s the case then you’ll find them on ebay or other sites that sell the Chinese stuff by searching for keywords like travel, water, heater, immersion and look for the ones that are clearly not spiral heating elements.
It works (really well), but the „power“ it dissipates into the liquid will depend on the conductivity of the liquid. The purer the water is the less it will conduct, and the more minerals there are the more it will conduct.

via YouTube Dangerous 240V Coffee-Cutor (coffee cup electrode boiler.)

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