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Liked on YouTube: Poundland dummy CCTV camera.

Another wonderfully weird item from Poundland. A dummy CCTV camera complete with blinking LED. The sort of blinking LED that has „this is a fake CCTV camera“ written all over it.
Bizarrely, the LED is turned on and off by pressing the dome like a typical cupboard push-light. It flashes at a rate of about 0.5Hz. One second on and one second off. The two AA cells will probably last just a few weeks of continuous operation before the LED starts getting quite dim. But that’s OK, because it looks more realistic if the LED is not lit anyway. And it does look very realistic as a dome camera, complete with similar multi-section construction.

The LED is quite neat in that it has such a slow 50/50 flash rate. Very different to the usual flashing LEDs, and runs directly on the 3V supply.

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via YouTube Poundland dummy CCTV camera.

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