Fruit Fly Trap Funnel (Fruchtfliegenfalle) / Prints Fast!

Just a simple fruit fly trap I have fiddled together in Fusion 360 to learn more about the functions it has … quite a ride but easily adjustable now.

The provided STL is for cups, glasses, bowls, … any contaiment with an opening diameter of 77 mm or less. Should fit any standard glass or mustard glass, marmelade glass and so on hence the funnel design(...)  Mehr ...

Playseat Challenge Nobsound G2 Amp Frame Mount

I’ve used the Nobsound G2 100 Watt Mono Amplifier to drive 2 bodyshakers using the pre-out subwoofer channel my receiver provides, so I’ve made a mount for it as well.

Note: The whole frame was made from dimensions found in the Amazon listing, so it’s close but not exactly fitting. I have added rubber mat/pads between the mount and the amp, which was planned to do anyway. The whole chair vibrates (duh!) so you want the amp not rattling around obviously. (...)  Mehr ...

Anycubic Mega-S Part Fan Duct Two-Sided (Remix)

I have done several changes to the original to make it fit better on the Mega-S and reduce the needed support:

  1. I have moved the rear blower about 5mm away from the nozzle (was not centered), so hopefully PLA will be fine again, as I am having difficulties printing a ring-style one in ABS.
  2. added more robust screw holes
  3. modified some walls so my original Mega-S part cooling fan fits
  4. reduced the amount of support needed by adding slopes

Here’s my remixed half-circle version for the Mega-S:… (...)  Mehr ...

Anycubic Mega-S Part Fan Duct Half-Circle (Remix)

I have replaced the upper mounting part with the one I have made for the “Fan Duct Two-Sided (Remix)” thing:3719846 and added some mm to the half-circle part, so it is has more distance to the heating block. I have printed this in PLA, so I was concerned about the minimal distance, although it was perfectly centered around the nozzle, the heating block is wider to the right …). The resulting air-flow cross-section will be more egg-shaped instead of round, but still 180°. Works fine so far! (...)  Mehr ...

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Desk Stand

Desktop stand for the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation I have fiddled together. This is already the second version, but there are still improvements to make. The back wall is a little weak and the base should be 3mm higher. Besides those two minor things it fits and works fine.
The two slots on the bottom are for “hot glue feet”, but you can attach some glue-on feet as well, of course. (...)  Mehr ...