Echo Dot 3rd Gen Desk Stand

Desktop stand for the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation I have fiddled together. This is already the second version, but there are still improvements to make. The back wall is a little weak and the base should be 3mm higher. Besides those two minor things it fits and works fine.
The two slots on the bottom are for “hot glue feet”, but you can attach some glue-on feet as well, of course. (...)  Mehr ...

Filament Dust Remover Box

A fast to print filament dust remover box. Just stuff some microfiber cloth oder foam into the box, place around the filament, put another layer of cloth/foam above and close it. Can also be used while the filament is already mounted. (...)  Mehr ...

PSVR HDMI Support and Clip (replaceable)

Modified in Windows 10 3D Builder, made the 2 slots for the HDMI/Power Plugs wider as the provided ones were way to narrow.

Added cut-outs for less material use to the main body.
Made the clip more flexible and replaceable, because mine broke the first time in use.
Make sure you print them as provided (don’t rotate), so the print lines support the clip’s bend direction! (...)  Mehr ...