Chromalux Neopixel Lamp

Three parts need to be printed in Vase Mode / Spiral Printing:
The LED Strip Holder, Diffuser, and Shade.
-The Shade should be printed with 3-4 bottom layers, which become the top of the lamp.
-The LED Strip Holder and Diffuser need to be printed with no top or bottom layers, they’re basically completely hollow, single wall prints which slot into the lines in the Base. (...)  Mehr ...

Improved Soldering cross Tweezers

improved version with larger head for better wire holding

This Thing is my version of Soldering cross Tweezers! Simply print the long base, 4 handles, assemble, and you get a super versatile wire holder for your soldering station!  (...)  Mehr ...

Soldering Fingers

While this isn’t strictly a remix, I wanted to give „idig3d“ credit for the inspiration. I created a soldering helping hands… but when I saw idig3d’s version, I liked the simplicity and faster build time. I thought I’d create one that was similar but had additional grooves and a tapered top. Here is my interpretation. (...)  Mehr ...

Stone Wall

Print single wall section and posts vertically with brim…paint with peuter Rub-N-Buff and sponge brush

Also available at:…


Added a corner section and finish with Pewter Rub-N-Buff with a sponge brush
Also added corner and inline fence posts which have slots to attach to the wall sections. (...)  Mehr ...

Cura Infill Patterns Display Models

Cura Infill Patterns Display Models

This is a collection of Cura Infill Pattern Displays with models for 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, and 50% infill density. Cura project files (.3mf) are included for each of the densities for easy printing setup. The project files have all of the necessary support blockers. (...)  Mehr ...


Life-size model of Lumiere. Holds two tea candles in his „hands“. Modeled from scratch using Blender.

UPDATE 10/6/15: Added head as two separate files.

Note: His hands are not identical. If one hand seems to sit higher on its arm, then try swapping with the other hand. (...)  Mehr ...