Folding phone holder

This is a total remodel from the original stand

Did not like the original model as it is quit wobble when lay flatten

so I designed a version that can be folded into itself

60° stand, can hold phone up to 14.5mm thickness (mainly for the Nintendo Switch ) (...)  Mehr ...

Nintendo Switch Stand V2.0 (REMIX)

This stand works really well, but the swiveling support wouldn’t print right on my machine without supports and so I changed it to use a 45 degree angle so it wouldn’t be trying to print on nothing. I also changed the holes where the 2nd part of the stand go into so it would stay better. (...)  Mehr ...

8BitDo Grip (splitted)

I remixed “8Bitdo SF30 (SN30) Pro Grip 2.0 by DavidSL448” to be able to print it without supports (except for the “arc”)
Also the rear “arc” can be printed sideways and thus much stronger.
You’ll need to glue the 4 parts, I used gel super glue (Super Gel by Pattex)  (...)  Mehr ...

Easy 3D printed Face Shield

Yet another face shield.

Fast and light 3D printed Face shield.


rev0.6: adjusted autolock, more flexible

28/03/2020 added STEP files!

Easy to mount A4 acrylic sheets. Tested with 0,10 to 0,24mm thickness. (...)  Mehr ...

Fluffy The Unicorn (Easy print no support)

Hello, today I want to introduce you to “Fluffy the Unicorn”, the stuffed animal of Agnes in the movie Despicable Me, as always easy to print and very clean print, resize to your liking and enjoy printing, I hope you like it.
Best regards (...)  Mehr ...

DIABLO – Straight from Hell!

A bad ass devil straight from the gates of hell!

He is printable without support. I have printed him in several sizes and the print turns out fine in 0.1 and 0.3 layer height.

The print is perfect for anyone who is into painting sculpts ( I highly recommend Quick Shade paint to bring out the details even more).  (...)  Mehr ...

The Astronaut

A creature in a astronaut suit.
The balls on the suit is removed in this version. other than that it’s the same as in the pictures.
450k polys. Printable without support.

Details & Download

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