Headphone Stand

The MakerBot Headphone Stand went through the same design process used in professional design and engineering industries. Multiple design iterations and 3D prints led to the final fully 3D printable headphone stand.  (...)  Mehr ...

Fanatec wall mount adapter

A simple wall mount I designed to mount my unused wheels to the wall

V1 might have some issues. (to weak, bad fit)
Added a much stronger V2.
Added V2_90 which is rotated by 90°.
Hole distance of V2 is 72mm (...)  Mehr ...

Anycubic i3 Mega (S) Fan Duct Holder (anti sagging)

I made this Holder for my Anycubic Mega-S Part Fan Duct Half-Circle (Remix) from “SmashD”, because I had a little sagging Problem with my PLA Fan Duct and didn´t want to print a Hotend Cover. I drilled a hole, about 3mm, in the fan housing and screwed everything together. (...)  Mehr ...