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MonSta_1 MonSta v0.2
Monitor Standby Tool


Updated version 0.2 released:
- fixed: standby event fired always at a 30s interval (no matter which standby interval was set)
- fixed: minor clerical mistakes
- added: tooltip formatting
- added: tooltip will show current interval
- added: compressed main executable (half the size now)

Download setup file
compatible with Win 95 / Vista / 7

MonSta - Monitor Standby Tool was developed to send your monitor to standby mode at any time with a simple click (left click the tray icon).

Additionally you may face a common problem:
your monitor keeps waking up from time to time. If this is the case you may want to set one of the various automatic standby modes which will resend the standby command after the given time interval.
To disable the automatic standby just right click the tray icon and choose the corresponding menu item.

Note: This tool was basically made by me for personal use only. There may be problems which I can not be responsable for. Furthermore I do not give support, especially no bugfixing if is no major problem.

Have fun.

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