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ENGLISH (next page for german instructions)

Your PC must have a static IP!

For example, if your router has you should have, if you have DHCP running, your PC normally get's the same IP every time...
Then you have to configure your router:

Under NAT you should find Virtual Server or something similar. Make these rules to port trackmania...

192.168.0.X ports 2350 & 2351 for UDP and TCP
where 192.168.0.X is the IP of your PC

-------Private IP-----Private Port---Type----Public Port

Now you're router is configured.

Now Trackmania's config (if you have no static Internet IP, mostly don't) you have to repeat this step EVERY time to reconnect to the internet.
You have to know the IP your ISP has given you. One way to find it is to go to .
Start Trackmania and go to the Configurations Tab of the Network settings.
(don't know the english menu so I hope you'll find it)

Server Port: 2350
Client Port: 0
Local Adress: Yes!
Server Adress: ISP-IP ----- Server Port: 2350

Save the settings and have fun hosting a trackmania server!

The well known "Popgun" wrote me a mail and said:

Your page on setting up a TM server states this "Your PC must have a static IP!". This is NOT true. I run through a router on a dynamic IP and have no problems.

Actually your PC really must have a static IP, the router can have a DYNAMIC one. The router is connected to the internet, not the PC itself. As the name says, the router routes everything to your PC. For TM you have to set up port forwarding in your router, most low-cost routers only forward ports to a static IP, that is the reason why the PC has to have the static one... Only some routers can route the ports for a dynamic range of IP's....

Popguns answer to that:

Of course! You are correct. As a side note, if you have a dynamically assigned IP, and the ISP changes your IP while you are hosting trackmania, all the players will be kicked off over (around) a 30second period. This happens every day for me, mostly after 12 midnight. You then need to restart the server.



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