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The "Iron Man Run" in Super Meat Boy (available at Steam) is completing a whole chapter (Light World recent patch added achievements for the Dark Worlds, too, normally 20 levels, except the last one, where there are 5 when the information I've read are correct) without one single death allowed - which gets pretty intense in later chapters.

Now that you know what an Iron Man Run is, lets get to the action:


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Dave Rapoza finished the PC limited edition box art. He also made that awesome Super Meat Boy picture, that floated around while the XBLA version was released. If you are curious about the creation process - there's a timeline-like image over at Dave Rapoza's blog. A higher resolution image of the final box art can be found here.

Those of you wondering, the Steam version of Super Meat Boy's official release date is Nov. 30th and be priced at 15 USD... BUT!
As a gift to fans we will be taking preorders on Steam starting the 23rd at 33% off (). So much like our XBLA release SMB fans will get a early buy discount.
quote from blog

Well...I did my very first fan art today, also my very first (digital) painting at all, so please... don't be disappointed :P
It is available as a 42x30cm 300dpi file, all layers can be modified, just btw.

Well... I did my very first fan art today, also my very firs... on Twitpic @supermeatboy Super Meat Boy House look-a-like :D on Twitpic

In case you've missed the news about this awesome hardcore jump'n'run in the past - watch some movies and enjoy some of the gore-tastic videos, which showcase some levels, tactics and the hella-tight controls.

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World 1 - The Forest - 32 minutes played by TotalBiscuit
(first time ever played it, pretty amusing)

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Cubecrafts (papercrafts in cube shape):
Super Meat Boy
Dr. Fetus

My Steam achievements:
Super Meat Boy Steam achievements

My "Iron Man Runs" are available here: Super Meat Boy - Iron Man Runs and Boss Fights.