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I was quite unsatisfied with the look of the default lockscreen of my iPhone 3GS, especially not showing any useful information such as upcoming events in the calendar, missed calls and so on.

This is where LockInfo by David Ashman jumped in, for which this theme is made for.

In addition to the theme I have made 17 replacement images for the default battery.
Unfortunately I did have a layered file, which I did put very much work into, but deleted them by accident. Doh!
SmD_v1_battery_preview SmD_v1_preview2

As soon as my package gets accepted in the Cydia repository you should be
able to download the complete set.
Done, see update at the bottom.

Theme description:

"SmD v1 Modern" Winterboard theme which includes (easily toggled seperately):

SmD v1 Modern Battery - battery replacement //
SmD v1 LockInfo - LockInfo section headers and coloured icons for phone, messages, ... //
SmD v1 Modern Slider+Clock - modern background for the clock and slider, new slider in red, green and phone call //
SmD v1 Clear Slider Text - no slider text //
SmD v1 Lock Slider BG Clear - clear slider background


my preferred usage combination:
SmD v1 Modern Battery
SmD v1 LockInfo
SmD v1 Modern Slider+Clock


The theme set "SmD v1 Modern Winterboard Theme" is available
via Cydia, repository is

I am not sure about the right to use the dock connector and/or especially the logo itself (I guess it is only useable on iDevices) - of course this is property of Apple, which might cause trouble.
If that is the case I will put down those files immediately.



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