Cyberdyne Systems T-800 CPU Core with Acrylic Container

This Thing is a modified remix of

  • Cyberdyne Systems – T800 CPU USB Drive by alpokemon
  • Terminator T800 CPU / Chip Base / Container by SmashD

What I did is

  • Created CNC milling scripts for the USB flash drive (you also can print alpokemon’s model on your 3D printer)
  • Modified SmashD’s base to match the USB Stick variant
  • Mixed up SmashD’s base with the top cap into a combined new version (for me, it looks much better now)
  • Modified the M3 holes in the top cap to support M3x10 screws

You also need some acrylic tube (approx 100-120mm in length) with 50/44mm diameter:…

T800 CPU milling video: (...)  Mehr ...

BD-1 (Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order)

This is BD-1 the buddy droid from the upcoming star wars game Jedi – Fallen Order as seen at EA-Play. Since there are only few references available the dimensions and some details are estimated. Headlength: ~30cm; Height: ~540cm (...)  Mehr ...

Chainmail – 3D Printable Fabric

I would love to keep sharing my projects with all of you. If you enjoy with my designs, I invite you to become a patron, you will get early access to my designs and exclusive content! Also, you can help with a small donation. (...)  Mehr ...

Labyrinth Gift Box

Time for Christmas, time for a less boring package for the cash my nephews will get. Last year it took them all of 5 seconds to get at their cash, hopefully this one will take them a little bit longer. There’s only one correct path and I tried to make it so that it’s easy to slide past the correct exits, time will tell if it’s effective.  (...)  Mehr ...

Fanatec wall mount adapter

A simple wall mount I designed to mount my unused wheels to the wall

V1 might have some issues. (to weak, bad fit)
Added a much stronger V2.
Added V2_90 which is rotated by 90°.
Hole distance of V2 is 72mm (...)  Mehr ...