Liked on YouTube: Just Cause 4 – PGW 2018 Panoramic Trailer | PS4

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Available December 4, 2018.

Dive into this insane panoramic trailer straight from Paris Games Week and discover what’s awaiting you in Just Cause 4 this December! From gorgeous South American vistas, to memorable fights in extreme weather conditions, Just Cause 4 will push the limits of exploration and creativity in open world games. Just Cause 4 is coming to PlayStation December 4th 2018. — Subscribe to our channel for more content on Just Cause 4!


Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Strong Language

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Liked on YouTube: Internationalis(z)ing Code – Computerphile

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Catering for a global audience is difficult, Tom takes us through a ‘timezones’ style explanation of the things you need to keep in mind when internationalising your code.
This video features Tom Scott – more from him at: &

The Problem with Time & Timezones:

Emoji & the Levitating Businessman:
Heartbleed, Running the Code:
Floating Point:
Public Key Cryptography:

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

Computerphile is a sister project to Brady Haran’s Numberphile. See the full list of Brady’s video projects at:

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Liked on YouTube: God of War – Midgard Mishaps | PS4

What happens in Midgard, stays in Midgard.

Making a video game is difficult. Making a stable game that both pushes the capabilities of the hardware and creates a super immersive, no-camera-cut, epically-sized AAA gaming experience like the one seen in the new God of War, is vastly more difficult. This massive task, involving hundreds of people developing and implementing content simultaneously, which can often have a tendency to break things, definitely added to the challenge.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. God of War is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

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Be excited or else.

ValkyrieAurora Video

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Liked on YouTube: Wir sprengen einen Elefanten (für die Wissenschaft) – Leben & Größe 2

Im letzten Video haben wir Tiere von Wolkenkratzern geworfen, jetzt wollen wir sie in die Luft jagen – natürlich alles im Namen der Wissenschaft! Wir untersuchen welche Auswirkungen die Körpergröße eines Lebewesens auf seinen Stoffwechsel und seine Lebenserwartung haben.


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Liked on YouTube: If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos

There’s a reason music videos look strange. I could just talk about framerate, cuts and continuity… or I could get an actual music video director. And a leaf blower.

Directed by:
Sammy Paul

Produced by:
Cambria Bailey-Jones
Guy Larsen

Director of Photography:
Ciaran O’Brien


Deepraj Singh
Annie Fox
Leanne Vincent
Liam Wallace

Production Design:
Guy Larsen

Christine Alexander

Camera Assistant:
Rachel Hutchings

Sammy Paul

Colour grade:
Ciaran O’Brien

Jenna Bailey-Jones

Michelle Martin
Gianluca Suppa
Xina Jailey

Special thanks to:
Grant Stevens
Bob Stevens
Jenny Stevens
Matt Parker
Maths Gear
YouTube Space London and the team

A Penny4 Production

Maths Gear didn’t actually pay for product placement in this video. The dice were surprisingly painful.

I’m at
on Twitter at
on Facebook at
and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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Liked on YouTube: Honest Trailers – Doctor Who (Modern)

From fancy PBS comes a show where anything can happen and none of the continuity matters- it’s Honest Trailers for Doctor Who! (Modern Version)

Watch the Honest Trailer for Classic Doctor Who at the link below!

Watch the Honest Trailers Commentary to see an inside look from the writer’s perspective!

Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris & Riley Silverman
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne

Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

Honest Trailers – Doctor Who

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