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So, you have probably done what many (most?) PC Gamers out there did this week: install StarCraft 2!

Maybe you are facing the problem that when being in-game everything is smooth like butter, but navigating the menus from time to time freezes your PC? Well, as reported by various websites, this is due to a small forgotten code piece, which caps the frame rate in while being in the game menus - which leads to the hardware doing its best getting you the most performant menu you have ever seen... and maybe an overheat problem.

So, here is the quick fix:

open up the file variables.txt located in your
C:\Users\[username]\Documents\StarCraft II
folder and add the following lines to it:

Done, problem gone!

By the way, if we ever meet online... please be kind and do not crush my precious buildings and units after 10 minutes. I am apparently even more into other types of games and... let's face it... 10 years ago I was a quite good RTS gamer, but today I am doing not very well at all.

Now you have got your Google Calendar Sync running, but chances are that you have set up multiple calendars. You will notice that the default sync does NOT include additional but only the main calendar.
I am using the main calendar for scheduling everyday appointments and a second one for recommended TV shows (I have set up the open source TV-Browser to automatically add TV favourites to my Google Calendar, but that is another story).

Here is the solution for your "I want to sync multiple Google Calendars with my iOS device" problem:

What you will need:
Firefox Browser
User Agent Switcher add-on
NoScript add-on

Assuming that you have set up Firefox and the add-ons do the following steps:

  1. change your Firefox user agent to "Mobile Safari 3.1.3 - iPhone" or equivalent using the User Agent Switcher add-on
  2. browse to
  3. change the language to English (at the bottom)
  4. disable JavaScript for the domain using the NoScript add-on
  5. choose your device and set up the calendars to be synced

If your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is not listed under devices in the Google Sync options visit

There you go, multiple calendars sync to your device now!

Note: Of course you still will have to set up your iPhone / iPod / iPad to sync with the calendar (your google account). A good guide to follow can be found at the google support.

Einige von euch würden bei ausgedehnten SMS- oder Messenger-Sitzungen statt des On-Screen-Keyboards sicherlich gerne eine echte Tastatur verwenden. Auch ich habe diverse Modelle ausprobiert und mich letztendlich für die "Chinfai KB-6113" entschieden, da dieses mit meinem HTC Touch Diamond 2 und ebenfalls mit dem kommenden iOS4 auf meinem iPod Touch late 2009 funktioniert:

Für mich die Hauptvorteile bei diesem Modell:

  • Tastatur verfügt über das HID-Protokoll (also keine extra Treiber nötig!),
    somit lauffähig mit Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Smartphones, Pocket PCs,
    iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad (ab iOS4), etc.
  • der Akku lässt sich über normales USB aufladen
    (Ladezeit etwa 4 Stunden, Betrieb etwa eine Arbeitswoche mit je 8h/Tag)
  • Tastaturfeld ist flexibel, wasser- und staubdicht, lässt sich zusammenrollen
    und hat etwa die 3/4-Größe eines normalen Tastenfeldes
  • keine kryptischen Tastenkombinationen nötig, um bspw. Sonderzeichen zu tippen / die Tastenanordnung entspricht in etwa der eines Notebooks
  • preisgünstig (derzeit 29,00 Euro inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand, siehe linke Amazon-Anzeige, bei direkt von CHIN FAI über den deutschen Distributor Leicke / Versand dauerte in meinem Fall lediglich 1 Tag

Ein Problem hatte ich allerdings noch: öäüÖÄÜ und ein paar andere wenige Zeichen funktionierten nicht wie gewünscht. Da aber viele andere auch dieses Problem haben, sehe ich dies eher im OS (hier: Windows Mobile 6.5) begründet.

Doch es gibt Abhilfe: AE Keyboard Mapper

Das Tool selbst ist ein wenig schwer zu bedienen... Im Prinzip schaut man, bei welcher Taste welcher Code gesendet wird und ersetzt ihn durchs Mapping mit dem gewünschten. Wenn also bei dem Drücken des 'ö' '00C0' gesendet wird (was ein ' ergeben würde), so ersetzt man dieses mit  'c00F6', was letztendlich zum korrekten 'ö' führt.

Dies ist eine ziemliche Fummelei, deshalb könnt ihr euch einfach mein Mapping-Preset im AEK Mapper-Format (.aek) herunterladen, dieses in das 'AEKMap'-Verzeichnis auf eurem PocketPC kopieren und (vermutlich) ohne weitere Anpassung verwenden: German, Chinfai KB-6113 with HTC Touch Diamond

Ich habe dem Programmierer des AEK Mapper das Profil ebenfalls zugeschickt, es sollte also in nächster Zeit auch in der Profil-Datenbank des AEK Mapper auftauchen.

Also denn, fröhliches Tippen :)

MonSta_1 MonSta v0.2
Monitor Standby Tool


Updated version 0.2 released:
- fixed: standby event fired always at a 30s interval (no matter which standby interval was set)
- fixed: minor clerical mistakes
- added: tooltip formatting
- added: tooltip will show current interval
- added: compressed main executable (half the size now)

Download setup file
compatible with Win 95 / Vista / 7

MonSta - Monitor Standby Tool was developed to send your monitor to standby mode at any time with a simple click (left click the tray icon).

Additionally you may face a common problem:
your monitor keeps waking up from time to time. If this is the case you may want to set one of the various automatic standby modes which will resend the standby command after the given time interval.
To disable the automatic standby just right click the tray icon and choose the corresponding menu item.

Note: This tool was basically made by me for personal use only. There may be problems which I can not be responsable for. Furthermore I do not give support, especially no bugfixing if is no major problem.

Have fun.

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The official easy-to-install .cab and .exe files got released today (incredibly fast response from the developers by the way), go grab them here. Update March 16, 2010: amazing 10.370 downloads since August 13, 2009! That are almost 50 downloads per day!

To those who do not know G-Alarm for Windows Mobile based phones yet, take a look at this page first, get convinced and come back for the german language pack (if you are one of the many german readers out there).

I recently bought (only 4.99€) the brand new version 2.1.2, which is required for this pack to properly work, so buy your copy today, too.

Furthermore I recommened to check out their other applications, too, especially the wonderful G-Profile (which is absolutely free by the way).

Well, there is nothing more to say, download the ZIP package and extract it into


After successfully extracting the files set your Talking Clock voice to the previously installed german one. Done!

Download ageye G-Alarm Talking Clock - german male language