Useful things


The recently released Mozilla Firefox 34 version comes with many new features:
Firefox Hello (a browser-based VoIP solution to make calls basically), built-in themes to customize the Firefox UI just to name a few...

Apart from these new features, there is another interesting change in the new Firefox version. It comes with a new and improved Search interface for the Search box (or Search Bar):

Well, improved may NOT be the term coming to mind of some people out there, so here's a quick and easy way to get the classic search-bar behavior AND design back.

To revert to the old look'n'feel just head over to your browser's advanced configuration by typing about:config into Firefox' address bar. Next agree that you'll be cautious (if you've not already done that previously) and search for


Set the value to false, restart your browser and you're done! No more grid-icons that look all the same ;)


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