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Sometimes you might want to remove plugins from your Firefox browser, but there is no uninstall button or tool to do so (e. g. the popular and light-weight PDF reader Foxit Reader).

I do so for security reasons and to remove software I do not use anyway.
If you stumble upon plugins that you have to remove manually simply follow these instructions:

How to remove Firefox plugins manually

  1. enter your browser settings by typing into your URL barabout:config
  2. search for the boolean plugin.expose_full_path
  3. double-click plugin.expose_full_path to change its value to TRUE
  4. enter your plugin overview by typing into your URL barabout:plugins
  5. each listed plugin will give you the full path to its location, to remove one (or more) just delete the named file
    e. g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\plugin2\npjp2.dll

    If you want to be on the safe side: move it to another location as a backup.
  6. once you're done: restart Firefox and check if the plugin(s) you wanted to delete are gone

Caution: Exposing the plugin location may have security implications on some systems.
It's best to reset the preference to the default "false" value when you are done.

Note: In some cases, about:plugins may display outdated information, even after a restart. To refresh the list, close your Mozilla application and delete (or rename) the file "pluginreg.dat" (see the profile folder article for the location). The file will be generated when you restart your Mozilla application; however, any plugins disabled in the Add-ons Manager will be re-enabled.


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