Useful things


So, you have probably done what many (most?) PC Gamers out there did this week: install StarCraft 2!

Maybe you are facing the problem that when being in-game everything is smooth like butter, but navigating the menus from time to time freezes your PC? Well, as reported by various websites, this is due to a small forgotten code piece, which caps the frame rate in while being in the game menus - which leads to the hardware doing its best getting you the most performant menu you have ever seen... and maybe an overheat problem.

So, here is the quick fix:

open up the file variables.txt located in your
C:\Users\[username]\Documents\StarCraft II
folder and add the following lines to it:

Done, problem gone!

By the way, if we ever meet online... please be kind and do not crush my precious buildings and units after 10 minutes. I am apparently even more into other types of games and... let's face it... 10 years ago I was a quite good RTS gamer, but today I am doing not very well at all.


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