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People are getting in touch with alot of physics type simulations or games these days, but I have found one really impressive sandbox simulating ALOT in real time.
There are, of course, simple shapes like boxes or circles, but you may want to draw a freehand polygon.

You want to set weight, friction or even air resistance? Do so!
You want to add chains or springs? No problem!
You want to go advance and build a car which is controllable by arrow keys? It is as easy as some mouse clicks.
Water? Even fluid is included (slowing everything down alot if used in masses though)

Enough words, take a look at this [[Rube Goldberg]] device I have built last night:

{divx_avi width="500" height="380"}smashd.de_goldberg{/divx_avi}


Now the most interesting part, the link to the
software (and yes, to top all these facts, it is free!):
Phun - 2D physics sandbox

Oh, and if you are wondering "What else can be done?". If you have enough time, you may re-build existing machines, like a clock for example:

Was das soll? Ganz einfach: Eine mehr oder wenige lustige Anhäufung von Zufällen ergibt das hier:

  1. Notepad öffnen
  2. "Keiner mag die Zivis" reinschreiben (ohne die ")
  3. speichern und Notepad schließen
  4. die Datei wieder laden
Nun sollte eine Folge ostasiatischer Zeichen zu sehen sein (bei nicht installierter Schriftart sind es Rechtecke). Was aber wird angezeigt, wenn man diese Zeichenfolge per Copy'n'paste bei Babelfish von "Chinese trad" nach "Englisch" übersetzt?

Probiert es aus. Smile

Very nice animated short by Benjamin Stephan & Lutz Vogel:

{divx_avi width="500" height="380"}TrustedComputing_LAFKON_MID_XviD{/divx_avi}

(I've hosted it here to save LAFKON's traffic)

-Be sure to check out the following websites:
-Source of the video shown at top (different movie formats avilable incl. subtitles)
-Information about TCPA/TCG ENG GER
-Against TCPA
-TCPA at Wikipedia