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ManiaPlanet stores all in-game 3rd party content like cars, themes, skins and so on in a cache folder - which can grow to several Gigabytes in time. If the size of that cached content exceeds the configured maximum ManiaPlanet will ask you if it should raise that limit.

But I didn't want a several Gigabytes large cache from what I'll probably need 10% or less in the future, so I've set the cache folder to 4GB. This triggers the "cache full, should the maximum storage reserved for the cache set to a higher value" popup though.


Long story short:
I've set the chache to not exceed 4GB and to avoid the annyoing and frequently triggered popup I've written a quick'n'dirty batch file which will delete all cache files older than a given amount of days (default = 14) prior to starting the ManiaPlanet launcher. It's kind of a cache purger.

Maybe you'll find it useful as well, so here's the code:

@echo off

rem **** config ****
set gamefolder="G:\ManiaPlanet"
set cachefolder="G:\ManiaPlanet\_data\Cache"
set days=14

rem **** do not edit below this line ****

cd /d %cachefolder%
echo Deleting cache files older than %days% days
forfiles -s -m *.* -d -%days% -c "cmd /c del @path"

echo ************************************
echo *            Done...               *
echo ************************************
echo Starting ManiaPlanet...

cd "%gamefolder%"
start "" "%gamefolder%\ManiaPlanetLauncher.exe"
ping /n 4 >nul

To use it, create a file named eg. ManiaPlanet.bat in your ManiaPlanet folder and paste the above code into it.
Next you should configure the variables found at the top. That's it basically.

Note: The script makes use of the command line tool forfiles, which should be included in any default Windows installation of Windows XP, Windows 7 and also Windows 8.


First of all get RAD Video Tools from here.
Install the tools!

Well, imho its the easiest way to choose an animated gif as source format. The frame size should be 128x128 pixel.
For this example I am using this animated gif:


To convert this GIF into an animated avatar (BIK) open up RAD Video Tools, browse to the path where your gif is located, click it once(!) and press Bink It.


The settings screen will show up - set everything as in the following image.

compress to a% of the original - 19 (set this to the value that gets a bik file < 9 kb; my example gif: 44.8 kb > 19% > bik file: ~8.8 kb)
multiple of the overall data rate - 3.0 (good results for my example, maybe not necessary)


After pressing Bink a file called gif_file_name.bik should have been calculated and written. Copy that file into your (eg TM Sunrise) TrackMania Sunrise\GameData\Skins\Avatars\Smileys directory, choose it in-game and have fun with your brand new animated avatar. 

ENGLISH (next page for german instructions)

Your PC must have a static IP!

For example, if your router has you should have, if you have DHCP running, your PC normally get's the same IP every time...
Then you have to configure your router:

1) First of all be sure to download this plugin from here and follow the installation instructions


2) Now make a logo in Photoshop with transparent areas, example:


3) If you think your logo looks good goto
Trackmania: File > Save as... and goto TrackMania\GameData\Skins\Avatars
Create a folder with a name you like eg SmashD_cartoon2 and select DDS Format (name of the file ICON.DDS !!!)
Sunrise: File > Save as... and goto TrackMania Sunrise\GameData\Skins\Avatars\Smileys and select DDS Format (name of the file will be the name of your avatar)


4) Press Save and configure the plugin as shown in the following image


That's it! You're done and you got your own DDS logo with transparency!