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I've made some custom pices for the game Crashday by moon byte studios.
Of course I added AI info as good as possible, so you can even use these track parts in races against cpu opponents. You can watch the video with AI driving the track pieces at the bottom.




I've made 12 new track pieces today... nothing really special, but you can build parking lots with it (up to 4 stories/20m high).
Building with them reminds me of "Domino", hehe. Please take care of the fact, that due to the lack of AI nodes for such heights the AI won't use them!
Here are some images:

Image Image

Image Image



Edit 2:

I thought I should do a "special piece", something that's not included in Crashday that way.
In this case it's a normal bridge piece first, but when driving against it's base it collapses and turns into a broken bridge piece. In both states it is drivable and AI compatible!
See a video here:

{jd_file file==18}



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