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Heightmap Browser
- view your heightmaps in 3D
- rotate, zoom
- drawing modes: dots, lines, voxel
- user configurable color profile for viewing the 3D version
- as a gimmick: import any jpeg file and create an 3D version of it
- gimmick 2: export the generated 3D heightmap as bitmap
note: this is only a viewer, no heightmap creator!
staying at your favourite graphics editor is the best choice imo

Car Skin Viewer & Injector
-view the carlogo, weight, horsepower, max speed and cost
-view the decal textures, also the additional ones
-added higher quality preview by using gdi32

Inject your own decals(!)
-does not matter, if your car you want a decal to has 2(eg Apache), 4(eg bornbad) or 5(eg firespitter) textures - the program will guide you
-just copy your tga decals to the car folder, fire up the Skin Injector,
select your decals from dropdown boxes and the tool will do:

-creates the needed .tex files
-edits the shop.lst and carinfo.cca
-automatically creates backups of shop.lst and carinfo.cca named
shop_bak_date_time.lst and carinfo_bak_date_time.cca in case something goes wrong

"Music Manager" with these capabilities:
-browse and play all music inside crashday\sounds\music (OGG + MP3)
-seek to time while playing + volume
-if current playing song stops it automatically switches to the next, if last from directory it starts from beginning
-folder rename, delete, create
-file rename,delete

But the biggest and most useful thing here:
-import music from m3u+pls playlists (WinAmp playlist formats)

The tool only needs the m3u/pls and the path where to put the files in.
(because Crashday needs the actual file and does not like links)
You can create a new folder of course Laughing
It automatically performs dozens of checks (due to the m3u/pls file specs) to make sure, that all MP3s and OGGs inside the m3u are copied correctly.
If the file already exists it skips copying that particular file to speed up the whole process.

-import multiple/single file(s) from a directory located anywhere on your PC
-bar visualization (like the one you know from WinAmp)

Furthermore there now is a button to open up most used Crashday directories like "tracks" or "cars".

Additionally you now have access to the "Track + Highscore Browser"
Features here:
-browse installed tracks (including showing the author & the track preview tga)
-look at the highscores for that track
Nice part here:
"Track Export as ZIP" includes:
-the resulting zip has the correct filepaths (trkdata\tracks for example)
-adds a smaller version of the preview tga including track name and author, but smaller version
-adds a txt file with track name, description, disclaimer, ... (editable)
-optional: adding the highscores to the ZIP, too
-optional: adding the preview tga to the ZIP, too

So you'll get ready to spread zipped tracks with the click of just some buttons!

Ability to start automatically with Windows
and/or Ability to start minimized to tray
(right click tray menu has, of course, a menu for all needed functions)

Newest version includes an update tool, so you'll never have an outdated version of CDT.
Added a thank you/credits scroller, you'll know what it is when you see it.
Especially RickFX & Mafi Wink

-added an automatic check for "2 blank lines in a row": removes blank lines if more than 2 in a row are found (not that easy as it sounds, I tell you hehe) Info: 2 blank lines cause Crashday to crash
Fixed the popup preview in "Skin Injector" to show the correct file

-added a Quickchat Editor (the 10 sentences you can bind to numbers 1-0) including showing the coloured preview. That one looks easy, I know, but it took about 5 hours to get it working. So hard to cut that string into pieces, remembering the position and length of every coloured part after reading the unformatted text, dude!
Also added:
Small easteregg
Splash Screen
Xmas Greeting

Since the SDK was "leaked" some hours ago I've added new stuff.

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