As soon as xfire started to support 4 different mini profiles I began to think "Hey, where's a racing theme?".

I designed such a theme, but the Xfire guys did not want ANY 3rd party design, because they are afraid of being bombed with a heavy amount of custom designs if only one "comes trough" to get official, I guess.

Here's an image:


(the top image is my design, the bottom one the original Xfire skin) 

This website design is based on the Bootstrap v3 framework along with jQuery and some custom javascripts.
You can take a closer look by visiting the website here .

Once again I felt like "Hm, my K750i looks boring! Lets make something new!"

Here's the result (btw, alltogether they were downloaded ~3.000 times atm Money mouth):





These and more themes by me are available at

This one is my most successful themes atm - Super Mario!
It has more than 13.000 downloads atm. Awesome!



This and more themes by me are available at

Some time ago the CCC (Chaos Computer Club) started a boycott against the music industry - including some user - made banner ad's.
I've heard about that a little bit too late to get my banner on their site, but I thought it's good enugh to show it on MY site. :)

click to see animation

Link to the CCC Article: English | German