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logo_small.png Did you hear about JoomPack? It's an extremely useful component for Joomla by Nicholas Dionysopoulos.

Because I like this component very much - although it's currently not working for big sites like mine (planned release is the middle of February) - I've made a logo and some icons for the interface.

Additionally I've translated the component - German language will be avilable in the next release.

Description from it's project page:

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Joomla! Pack is a PHP application that strives to be the complete solution for backing up Joomla! based sites, creating custom Joomla! installations and cloning Joomla! sites.
The application creates a gzipped tar archive (.tar.gz) with your site's file and a modified version of the standard Joomla! installer. In order to restore the backed up site, all you have to do is to uncompress the archive on your server and navigate to the installation directory, in the standard Joomla! installation fashion. This means that a backup you create on one host can be restored on a
different host without much more hassle than updating database preferences!


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logo JoomPack logo


Interface Icon Set 1


Interface Icon Set 2


Configuration OK / Wrong


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