I really like the idea of putting the app icons onto virtual shelves, just like the iBook app by Apple does this with the books, so I created a rather extensive template file with several layers:

  • top bar: off, glassy or dark wood-like, can be colored by a mask layer
  • shelf: off, glassy or dark wood-like, can be colored by a mask layer
  • shelf perspective: off, wood-like, can be colored by a mask layer
  • several shadows for the top bar and shelf
  • background layer: 3 different shadows, can be colored by a mask layer
  • resolution is 640x960, so it is usable both for 4th generation and downscaled to 320x480 on 3rd generation devices

By playing around with different styles I came up with some wallpapers:
{becssg}iPhone/shelf wallpaper|width=500|height=400|throw=10{/becssg}

The wallpapers itself should be available in the app iWallpapers HD by appwill very soon, just search for "shelf" or "shelves".
If you want to get your hands on the template file (.psd) itself, click here.


I was quite unsatisfied with the look of the default lockscreen of my iPhone 3GS, especially not showing any useful information such as upcoming events in the calendar, missed calls and so on.

This is where LockInfo by David Ashman jumped in, for which this theme is made for.

In addition to the theme I have made 17 replacement images for the default battery.
Unfortunately I did have a layered file, which I did put very much work into, but deleted them by accident. Doh!
SmD_v1_battery_preview SmD_v1_preview2

As soon as my package gets accepted in the Cydia repository you should be
able to download the complete set.
Done, see update at the bottom.

Theme description:

"SmD v1 Modern" Winterboard theme which includes (easily toggled seperately):

SmD v1 Modern Battery - battery replacement //
SmD v1 LockInfo - LockInfo section headers and coloured icons for phone, messages, ... //
SmD v1 Modern Slider+Clock - modern background for the clock and slider, new slider in red, green and phone call //
SmD v1 Clear Slider Text - no slider text //
SmD v1 Lock Slider BG Clear - clear slider background


my preferred usage combination:
SmD v1 Modern Battery
SmD v1 LockInfo
SmD v1 Modern Slider+Clock


The theme set "SmD v1 Modern Winterboard Theme" is available
via Cydia, repository is

I am not sure about the right to use the dock connector and/or especially the logo itself (I guess it is only useable on iDevices) - of course this is property of Apple, which might cause trouble.
If that is the case I will put down those files immediately.


I was playing around with some of the Messenger Plus! Live features later this day.

In my opinion the desktop contact functionality is really handy - but the way I am using them (always on top, at the top of my desktop) they are blocking the windows underneath them.
No window title draggin, no minimize, maximize and such actions were possible, because the desktop contacts are blocking them. So I thought about a feature addition and made this little animation to introduce it:


And guess what? Only 29 minutes later Patchou (the famous creator of MsgPlus) gave me that answer:

I'm impressed, and yes, it's a very good idea.
Ok then, you got it. Middle click will do exactly what you just asked for.

So lets say hello to a new feature suggested by me. Laughing


The whole thread can be read here.

logo_small.png Did you hear about JoomPack? It's an extremely useful component for Joomla by Nicholas Dionysopoulos.

Because I like this component very much - although it's currently not working for big sites like mine (planned release is the middle of February) - I've made a logo and some icons for the interface.

Additionally I've translated the component - German language will be avilable in the next release.

Description from it's project page:

{moshide.1 hidden Show description|Hide it}
Joomla! Pack is a PHP application that strives to be the complete solution for backing up Joomla! based sites, creating custom Joomla! installations and cloning Joomla! sites.
The application creates a gzipped tar archive (.tar.gz) with your site's file and a modified version of the standard Joomla! installer. In order to restore the backed up site, all you have to do is to uncompress the archive on your server and navigate to the installation directory, in the standard Joomla! installation fashion. This means that a backup you create on one host can be restored on a
different host without much more hassle than updating database preferences!


(Click read more to view the images)

Well, I did not show anything for a long time now - so here is my newest work:

Some vectorized emoticons inspired by's The Blacys!, done with Inkscape:


As one result I've created my new avatar:



There is a ZIP package available with all emoticons at 50x50px (NOT vector format, that's mineWink), fitting into MSN Live! Messenger and earlier versions: