1. Open Clan Man/CBM
- Info should say "CBM Loaded Successfully"

2. Click on "Meritas Template [Current + Finished]"
- choose finished - this MUST be done first!!
- see "How to generate the "Current + Finished" times"

3. Close this section and click on "Cumulatives Template"
- main screen for Cumulatives should open

4. Type in the season you're playing e.g. 3

5. Use the drop down bars to choose the date for these Cumulative scores

6. IF you click reset players and/or score - all players will be reset to NO medals and NO score
- i.e. if you have been using this tool to keep track of scores for a long time, then doing this will lose all your work
- this is mainly used at the start of a tournament to reset everyone to 0 points
- when clicking it a 2 confirmation questions will appear - if you type Players ALL data will be resetted, if you type Points ALL points and medals will be cleared but names will be kept

7. Click Edit players to either add or edit players
- to add a player you MUST have this information

Just for information, do NOT edit these:
(P1 = Platinum Medal (where you have got 1st 2nd or 3rd for ALL the tracks - except bonus - played)
(G1= Gold Medal (where you have come 1st on a track)
(S1= Silver Medal (where you have come 2nd on a track)
(B1= Bronze Medal (where you have come 3rd on a track)

when you close the notepad file the info screen should pop up and say
"Editing is done. Importing values and converting"

8. Choose "Alternative Colors" if you are a wild person (heh!)!!

9. Main Screen says "Check player's that played weekly match and get +2 points)
- this is only necessary to add manually to "Edit Players" IF you have another way of gaining points
- this can be used in any way you wish but is not neccesary
- the people you mark get 2 extra points, i.e. for competing in the weekly clan match or something

10. Click "Get Points"
- >>WARNING<< should pop up saying
"Are you REALLY sure that current points are correct and you've checked the boxes of all the weekly match players?"
- continue

11. "If you are testing Code output please press Cancel now - results won't be saved, just outputted then!" should pop up
- choose "ok" if this is for real and you want to save the results (as it is a "cumulative" it will keep these scores so you can add to them after the next tournament)
- choose cancel if you are just testing and dont want the results to be saved

12. copy and paste info to the forum!

You are Done!!

BTW, backups of all generated results are saved in the app path + "saved" folder.
To get back to a backuped version, please rename the chosen backup to "players.ini" and copy it over the existing one in the app path.



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